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Home Monitoring

Home & Business Monitoring

Security systems have many benefits. They can deter intruders, alert authorities to intrusions and provide you with peace of mind.

However, security systems have limits. A loud sound or a bright light won't be enough to scare away all intruders. To help keep your home or Business secure, a security system must alert the police so they can respond to a break-in.

During a fire, seconds count and it's possible that you will not be there to call for help. Having Central Station Monitoring ensures that the Fire Department is contacted.

Scott’s Security Systems can provide a wide variety of monitoring services between your alarm panel and the Central station.


We can provide digital communication, which is using standard phone lines to report activation.

New technology such as Internet Monitoring enables your security or fire system to communicate with Central Station via the internet using broadband connection.

Wireless offers superior protection and in some cases the only connection. Wireless communication solutions keep homes and businesses connected and protected regardless of the state of their phone line.

If phone service is interrupted or an intruder cuts a phone line, wireless remains on the job transmitting the activation at your home or business to the Central Station.

Wireless can also be used as primary communication in places where a phone line is not feasible or available. This is also for customers that use only cellular phone service

Scott's Security Systems can offer different types of installation of wireless communication.

Phone line protection this method is primarily when an intrude cuts the phone lines or service weather cuts off telephone service.

Intruder detection this method is when we install tamper switches on both the control panel and the Radio preventing someone from tampering with them. If they do, this will cause an alarm contition even if the system is disarmed.

Our monitoring center is the most technologically advanced monitoring facility. Staffed with our highly trained security professionals and built on next generation technology. Our operator training program is an exhaustive six week process that gives our operators the tools needed to process alarms and serve you with unmatched professionalism and competence in the industry. Providing the most personalized service is the key to our success.


Phone Line Protection


Phone Line Protection


Phone Line Protection & Intruder Detection


Phone Line Protection & Intruder Detection


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