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Scott’s Security Systems is a Licensed New Jersey Company who has technicians that are NICET - certified and are required to maintain their C.E.U.

Experienced Technicians means installations that are done on time and within budget.
We follow the New Jersey International Building code which requires the system to be designed by an Engineer who will provide you with drawings (C.A.D.) that will illustrate the location of devices.
Scott’s Security Systems will provide the necessary documents to the local Municipality for approval. Once approved, installation can commence.

The equipment installed is self-diagnostic and addressable, which will pinpoint the location of Fire or trouble. A system which communicates to a UL certified Central Station with highly skilled operators available 24/7. Scott’s Security Systems will provide you with the NFPA 72 Record of completion certificate and arrange for the Final Municipality inspection.

Scott’s Security Systems is committed to each installation from beginning to end. We have found that this turn key approach has saved our customer’s time and money more importantly it’s given them peace of mind.

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Silent Knight provides end-to-end solutions that are known to not only provide power and control, but choice as well. From the top floor to the bottom line, Silent Knight continues to lead with innovative and feature-rich products, which are simultaneously affordable. Silent Knight has always focused on functionality and flexibility, which is why its products are routinely found in educational institutions, hospitals and health care facilities, commercial complexes, retail spaces and government buildings around the world. It’s because Silent Knight tailors specific solutions to individual situations, which are simple to install and commission through what is essentially plug-and-play technology.
Silent Knight fire alarm control products are different. They’re dependable and proven alternatives combined with cutting edge technology, that also provide the power of a cost-effective choice.

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Fire-Lite Alarms is part of the Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions business group, a global leader in providing product and service solutions that improve efficiency and profitability, support regulatory compliance, and maintain safe, comfortable environments in homes, buildings and industry.
Founded in 1952, Fire-Lite was the first company to introduce addressable fire alarm systems to the market. Today, Fire-Lite manufactures low-to-mid sized fire alarm control communicators, remote power supplies, annunciators and voice evacuation products.

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